When you need a camera...

First, a little tip: BitPIM doesn't like prelinking. I tried to download some pictures from my camera phone today and got an error about the Python zipimporter. It turns out that this is caused by prelink messing with the binary. Apparently prelink actually breaks BitPIM in the process of trying to make it load faster. The solution was simply to add "-b *bitpim*" to /etc/prelink.conf and reinstall BitPIM, which is annoying, but not difficult.

Second, the picture I was downloading. I went to the zoo with my brother yesterday and we got a really good look at the wolves. How good? Well, this is the picture I took with my phone (click for full-size).
Gray wolves
Sadly, that's the best I could do. Neither of us had a real camera at the time, so it was the camera phone or nothing. It didn't help that the observation room windows were really dirty.

As an interesting side note, the wolf habitat is divided into two sections. One side has had gray wolves ever since I can remember. The other side used to have red wolves, but they've since had to remove them. This summer, they filled in that half of the habitat with (get ready for it): white-tail deer. That's right, they put the deer right next to the wolves. It's like some kind of sick joke on the wolves. But I guess it at least gives them something to do.

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