Filters suck

You know what sucks? Internet filters. In particular, my employer's internet filters.

You know why they suck? One word: Wikipedia. About a month or so ago, our filters started blocking freakin' Wikipedia. Sure, it has it's pointless side, like the 13 page Chocobo article. Honestly, who needs 13 pages on an imaginary bird from a video game series, even if it is the best game series ever (rivaled only by Wing Commander)?

But there's actually lots of useful information on Wikipedia, particularly on technical topics. For instance, I've found it quite useful for explaining some of the telecom lingo I have to deal with on occasion. It might not be the most definitive reference in the world, but it's very good for quick explanations of unfamiliar topics.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. We also blocked for quite a while. The blacklist seems to be kind of off sometimes.

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