I'm back online

I'm now officially back online! If you tried to access this site during the last three days or so, you may have noticed it was broken and/or unavailable. That's because I got myself new web hosting.

As I mentioned before, I decided to go with the ICDSoft universal hosting plan. It's nice, cheap, and has all the features I need. I'll probably write up a little review of it after I've used it for a while.

I ordered the hosting account Wednesday night and had my login information within half an hour. I sucked down the entire contents of my old hosting account overnight and then changed the DNS on my domain and started uploading to the new host Thursday morning. It turns out that FTP transfers to and from both the old and new hosts were extremely slow. However, I suspect that may have something to do with Time Warner's internet service.

My only problem was a small blog configuration issue. I failed to account for LnBlog's LOCALPATH_TO_URI_MATCH_RE setting. That's the one that changes paths like /home/peter/www/ to URIs like http://somehost/~peter/. The problem was the my new host uses the path /home/yourdomain/www/www/ as the document root, so LnBlog's default setting picked that up as a ~username URL. I noticed that when trying to blog earlier today and getting a 404 on the mangled URL. Easily fixed by adding a line to a configuration file, but I stlil find it annoying that I didn't remember that earlier, what with having written the program myself.

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