Clien app?

Dealing with other IT organizations is always interesting. Not only is it fun to talk shop with the techs, but you can get some humor value out of the business and bureaucracy end.

Today, for example, I was at one of our public safety sites supporting a vendor tech installing a voice recording system. I say "supporting," but I actually spent half the time pacing around and playing sudoku on my cell phone, because the tech pretty much had everything under control. I was just there so nobody could complain that our IT department wasn't involved.

Anyway, while the on-site tech was pretty on the ball, the rest of his company was a My first indication was when they sent us the install files for the recorder's client access application. They e-mailed me their FTP server installation and the file name to download: "our_org clien". No, that's not a typo, the file name actually had "clien" instead of "client." What really kills me is that not only did someone mistype the file name, but they sent us the misspelled file name rather than fixing it. That seemed just a tiny bit unprofessional.

The second sign was the contents of this ZIP archive. It contained one setup file and three pieces of documentation, none of which were even tangentially related to the client application. However, if I had been responsible for the ANI and ALI circuits coming into the PBX, it would have been very helpful. And it turns out they only sent me one of the three client apps we needed. Makes you wonder if the sales guy was even paying attention.

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