Diet progress: 220.6

Apparently there's a new meme sweeping the blogosphere. Or, at least, Jason Calacanis's blog. Jason calls it fatblogging, and the idea is for sedentary, overweight techno-geeks to support eachother in their attempts to lose weight.

It's actually not a bad idea. Having a record of your progress is always a good way to provide motivation. And what with all this wonderful technology, why not use it to build support systems? So, seeing how I've been on a diet for the last month, I think I'll get in on this too. I was planning to blog about it anyway, so why not? (However, I'm not going to follow Jason's format exactly and blog about it every day. I'm only weighing myself once a week, and even if I wasn't, I just can't be bothered to write about my daily routine. "I lost another 4 ounces doing exactly what I did yesterday!" Not exactly compelling reading.)

When I started my diet on January 18, I weighed in at around 233.6 pounds. At my weekly weigh-in yesterday, I was down to 220.6, for a total of 13 lbs. in 4 weeks. My goal weight, which the BMI charts still say is overweight for my height, is 180 lbs. For reference, that's actually ten pounds less than I weighed when I started college.

My weight-loss method so far has adding an actual organized diet to my usual light exercise regimen of doing 20 or 30 minutes on the elliptical machine every morning before work. I picked up a copy of "The F-Factor Diet" by Tanya Zuckerbrot in Bares & Noble and have been following that. It's a carb-counting, high-fiber diet and it's actually not that difficult to follow. But that's a post for another day....

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