Last week's weigh-in: 192.6

I'm calling last week's weight 192.6. That puts me down another pound from last week for a grand total of 40.6 pounds to date. Only 12.6 more to hit my goal. Although I may change that goal and just go for "technically no longer overweight."

It's strange how your weight can fluctuate from day to do. When I weighed myself on Thursday morning, the scale read 194.6, which was up a pound from the previous week. When I tried again Thursday night, it was down to 191.0. On Friday, I got 192.0 and later 192.6.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You can easily gain or lose a pound or two due to (de)hydration, not having gone to the bathroom, having a full stomach, and so forth. I suppose the lesson is simply to average out the readings and not put too much stock in any particular number.

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