Back home

I'm finally back home, sitting on my back porch with the laptop, sipping a diet W-up (the Wegman's-brand version of 7-up).

My class in Hartford finished up early on Wednesday afternoon, so Sarah and I spent the rest of the day walking through the rose garden in Elizaeth Park. On Thursday morning, we took the hour drive down to Mystic.We spent the morning and early afternoon at the aquarium and then browsed around the shops at the Old Mystic Village. My two big purchases were my first ever chocolate-covered frozen banana (yum!) and a decorative bokuto.

After a very nice dinner at the Steak Loft, we spent the night at the local Comfort Inn. I found it somewhat annoying that the $100 per night room at the Comfort Inn was actually much nicer than the $150 per night room at the Hartford Crowne Plaza. The Comfort Inn had more storage space, better TV channels, complimentary breakfast, and didn't charge for internet. The worst part is that I didn't find this all that surprising. For some reason, the fancy, expensive hotels always nickle and dime you to death. Apparently they can't scrape by on the higher room charges and over-priced room service.

On Thursday, we wandered around downtown Mystic and then went to the Mystic Seaport. The seaport is actually one big museum. It's a recreation of a 19th-century costal town and has a rather an active program to preserve period ships. It was actually very interesting.

After that, we headed back to New York. We stopped at my parents' house for the night, since it's on the way, and came home this morning. Of course, we had to make a stop to pick up the latest Harry potter book. By now, Sarah's probably about half-way through it. The speed at which she goes through novels is just disgusting.

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