The @depends annotation in PHPUnit 3.4

OK, I'm not crazy! At least, not for the reason I thought.

I was playing with adding some dependencies to my Selenium PHPUnit tests. See, PHPUnit 3.4 has this handy little test dependency feature, the @depends annotation. It's basically a PHPDoc comment that includes a test name. You add that to a test and, if PHPUnit hasn't run the dependency yet, it skips the current test.

Well, I'm working on Windows. And every time I added an @depends to a test, PHPUnit would skip it. Even if the dependency had run! Even on the example from the documentation! I thought I was losing my mind.

However, it turns out that it's a known bug in PHPUnit. Basically just a line ending issue. The bug ticket has a 2 character patch that fixes it, or you can just save your files with UNIX line endings. Go figure.

Update: Wow, talk about weird timing. It turns out this issue was fixed in PHPUnit 3.4.1, which was released the day after I posted this.

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