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  1. window seat

    Congrats on the window seat Peter! I, too, after over 11 years in public service, am expecting to get my first window seat after Jeni retires in September (the one where Sue Mc used to sit which was downsized after Jeni moved into it to make it the same size as the others). Note I said "expecting". I've been promised, but we all know that doesn't mean a damn thing until it actually happens.

    • Comment posted on Thursday 5 Aug 2010 at 9:23pm
    • By Shelley
  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, having a window is really nice - I could get used to actually getting some sunlight at my desk. Here's hoping you get one too - you certainly deserve it. Actually, you probably deserve a lot more than just a window, but let's keep our goals attainable!

  3. Goals

    I'm working on those goals - I start my Masters program in little over a month. Not looking forward to 20+ hours of paper/projects per week but if I keep my eyes on the prize (liberation!) I should be able to get through it.

    • Comment posted on Monday 9 Aug 2010 at 11:50am
    • By Shelley
  4. I know what you mean

    Yeah, there's a reason I've taken so long on mine - never seems to be time to work on it. But you're smart and persistent, so I'm sure you'll manage. Look at it this way - at least you'll have something interesting to work on. The county was never exactly a big source of intellectually stimulating projects.

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