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  1. That Sucks

    That sucks your work force got smaller, which consequently means more work for you! We're both in the same boat. Any day now I will find out what nuggets of joys that were formerly Melody's and Jeni's will be mine. :(

    • Comment posted on Monday 9 Aug 2010 at 11:48am
    • By Shelley
  2. Oh, what fun

    Oh, that sounds like loads of fun. Nothing like inheriting a bunch of unfamiliar projects. At least I have the benefit that I've worked with nearly our entire codebase, so at least I know what I'm being left with. Hopefully you won't end up with anything too horrifying.

  3. How's It Going

    how's it going since you've been flying solo a week or so at your job? Does this mean you get promoted to a senior position since you're the only one on the team left? Hopefully! The reassigments could have been worse I guess - inherited 13 things from Jeni, mainly OVP with a few IHP, including Gasboy and RPTSA. Inherited all the Historian apps from Melody. These past two weeks I've been covering for Jennifer G. with the web stuff and that has been keeping me real busy.

    • Comment posted on Thursday 19 Aug 2010 at 12:13pm
    • By Shelley
  4. Actually...

    Now that you mention's been pretty much the week from hell. Things are broken all over the place. We grossly under-estimated the scope of nearly every feature in this release. Our Flash person is pretty much a junior-level developer and spent a few days introducing two bugs for every one she fixed. And with all the constant breakage, our tester has been pissed of pretty much all week. So yeah...not going so well.

    Sounds like you've been REALLY busy. That's an awful lot of stuff they dumped on you. Are there any systems left that you *aren't* responsible for? On the up side, I guess at least you don't have to worry about being bored. Though I'm not sure that's much consolation.

  5. Busy Busy....

    Eh...still bored, but busy. Just waiting for that corner window cubicle seat - Mon. Sept. 13 - gettin' closer. In other news, I scored a display phone. It takes over a decade to get perks, I tell ya! Sorry to hear things are not going so well at your work, hopefully they hire some new people soon. Wish they'd hire some new people in our office but that's not likely to happen as it would defeat the purpose of the retirement incentives. In other news...starting grad school on the 9th. Had orientation last Saturday. Scary amount of work, but it'll be worth it if it gets me out of I.T.

    • Comment posted on Friday 3 Sep 2010 at 11:28pm
    • By Shelley

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