New year's link clearance

In the spirit of Raymond Chen, it's time for new year's link clearance! In other words, I'm posting all those links that have been sitting open in my Opera window for weeks which I'm probably never going to actually do anything with.

  • A post with some code for doing prototype-based inheritance in PHP. As in, writing your PHP like it's JavaScript. Yeah, cause good things always come from trying to openly defy the conventions of your langage of choice.
  • MVC is a lie. Good, at least I'm not the only one who finds some of these "MVC" frameworks a little questionable, with their grossly anemic domain models. Although I guess I have to give the CakePHP people credit on that one. They're at least in touch with reality. What with passing around of arrays of database records, they don't even pretend they're working with real model objects.
  • A helpful link from F5 about parameters for Powershell scripts and some other useful stuff.
  • Request/response testing in Powershell using the handy, dandy .NET WebClient class.
  • A Get-ScriptDirectory function for Powershell. Kind of like PHP's __FILE__ trick.
  • An interesting article on object-oriented event listeners for JavaScript.
  • Wikipedia page on the SEI's Personal Software Process (PSP). I was put onto that by reading Smart Bear's book on code review, which was actually quite interesting. I'd definitely recommend it. It's totally free, but is published in dead-tree format, which is weird, but I haven't gotten any sales calls or anything, so they're cool.

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