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  1. Who did you pick for hosting please

    Hi, could you please (pretty please) tell me who you chose for hosting?

    I had a great host for 12 years but after a couple months of weekly disasters it is time to move. Your site works perfectly in several locations worldwide that are especially important to my clients. Tried a whois on your domain but didn't get me anywhere. Pretty please could you tell me who you host with? Huge thanks

  2. ICDSoft

    I use ICDSoft:

    I've been with them for about eight years. Their service has been pretty reliable - I've never experienced any problems with it. The price is pretty good, too - I just use the "economy" plan, which is only $6/month. The feature set is not particularly impressive, but it's sufficient for my needs. And given that I'm otherwise satisfied with their services, I'm not inclined to change hosting providers.

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