How about some flowers?

It's a long weekend for Memorial Day.  I spent most of yesterday and this morning cleaning.  And I had a late and very large lunch of braised pork ribs, which was delicious but filling.  So I just don't feel like coming up with anything substantial right now.  So how about some flowers?

The lilac trees from my yard are starting to bloom

Since the Rochester Lilac Festival was postponed this year, here's a picture of the lilac trees from my side yard.  They've got quite a few flowers this year.  Last year they didn't do as well because I didn't prune them sufficiently the previous season.  However, I did a better job last season.

Actually, it's just as well the festival was postponed.  The blossoms have only come out in the last week or so, and the festival is normally early in May.  So it probably would have been a lilac festival without many actual lilacs.  Though it still would have been nice to get out and roam around the park....

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