Making the best of quarantine

So what do you do when there's a pandemic on and you can't really leave the house?  Fix up the house, of course!

Actually, I had been planning to take a week off to work on my house before the pandemic hit.  Our floors were in very bad need of refinishing.  And since we had to sand them down for that anyway, my decided to stain them as well.  And since we were doing that, we figured we might as well paint the walls and ceiling too.

Unfortunately I can't find a good picture of the floor, but this one has a cat in it, so that makes up for it.  As you can see, it was that light, honey color.  What you can't see is that in many place the finish had worn completely off.

My living room (and cat), before the refresh.

Here's the "after" picture of that same corner of the living room.  We stained it an "espresso" brown.  It was a slow job - two coats of stain at about six hours per coat to apply - but I think it turned out really well.  

My living room after the refresh.

The new paint is a brownish-gray color called "armadillo".  We also got some new lamps for the living room and put the "daylight" LED bulbs in them.  The old paint and soft lighting made the room very yellow.  The whiter light and new paint actually make it feel brighter.

Of course, there's always more work to do, but we're making progress.  Being stuck at home sucks, but at least we're doing something productive with the time.

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