Amarok upgrade = disappearing podcasts

The other day, I made the mistake of actually paying attention to that "updated packages available" icon in my system tray and actually installed those updates. I really should know better by now. Kubuntu is great, but I swear every time I install updates, something breaks.

This time, something happened to Amarok. I'm not sure what, but the next day, my podcasts were just gone. The previously downloaded files were still there, but the "Podcasts" folder in my playlist panel was empty.

The worst part was that, when I tried to re-add the few podcasts I subscribe to, things didn't work properly. I used the "configure children" option to set the defaults to download under a particular directory and to download when available. However, when I added child podcasts, the settings reverted to the system defaults. And for some reason, it took several tries to get the "download when available" option to stick.

So my question is: what the hell?!? That's just weird and I can't figure out, for the life of me, why that would happen. But on the other hand, Ubuntu Feisty is supposed to be coming out in the next week, so hopefully this won't be an issue for much longer.

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