At least SimCity 3000 still works

In a fit of optimism, I did a little more playing with Tuxracer tonight. It still doesn't work. On the up side, I was at least able to get all three of my Loki games to work.

I have copies of Loki's ports of Quake III Arena, Railroad Tycoon II, and SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Both Railroad Tycoon and Quake 3 still work perfectly on Kubuntu Breezy. However, SimCity needed a little research.

The straight-off-the-CD installation of SimCity didn't work at all. It bombed out every time with a message about an invalid glibc version. Fortunately, there is a version 2.0a patch for SimCity, which I still have a copy of. Applying the patch didn't work right away either - I got a message about invalid usage of trap. However, when I ran the patch with bash filename instead of sh filename, it worked. Probably a bug caused by bash using sh compatibility when invoked with the sh symlink.

Anyway, after installing the patch, it still didn't work - I just got a segfault. However, I found the answer in this post on It turned out to be as simple as telling SimCity to assume a different version of the kernel. I just started it with the command following command, and it worked perfectly:
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.2 /usr/local/games/SC3U/sc3u

So that's three out of four proprietary games still working. If I ever get a better video card, maybe I can make it four out of four. Of course, if the games were open-source, I could try to fix them myself, but I guess you can't have everything.

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