Playing Wesnoth

I've been playing some Battle for Wesnoth the past couple of weeks. Today, I finally finished the "Heir to the Throne" campaign. It was on easy, but I finished it. This isn't the first time I've gotten to the end of Wesnoth, but it is the first time I've seen the ending. I first picked up on Battle for Wesnoth a couple of years ago, when version 0.4.0 was out. I played it on and off for a while and got to the end of the playable levels on several version. However, by the time I lost interest, they still hadn't written all the levels for the standard campaign.

I must say that Wesnoth has come a long way since I started playing it. The graphics are better and the game play has evened out, but it still retains that wonderful simplicity of game play that I so love in strategy games. It's the same reason I still enjoy playing my old copy of Bandit Kings of Ancient China under Dosbox. They both allow for a rich, enjoyable game without making you think too much about the minutia of running an army. I guess it's just a matter of finding the right level of abstraction for the game.

I did have one small problem with Wesnoth today. Apparently a key got stuck on my keyboard, or something, because I ran out of disk space while I was playing. What does that have to do with the keyboard, you ask? Well, after deleting some unused files so I had some space to work with, I started looking for the source of the problem. I thought I had several gigabytes left and I hadn't done anything big recently, so I was a bit confused. It turned out that my home directory, which normally runs a couple of gigs (what can I say - I'm a pack rat), had swollen to 9GB! A closer examination revealed that my ~/.wesnoth directory was up to 6GB. This is where the stuck key comes in, because that's the only explanation I could think of for why there would be 3800 images, at about 1.7MB a piece and all created today, in the Wesnoth screenshots directory. Weird....

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