Powering down...

It's time to turn off Tallgeese and take it apart. "Tallgeese" is the name of my home desktop workstation (and yes, I do have a Gundam Wing naming convention - Sarah's box is "DeathScythe" and the one I built for my mother is "Sandrock"). It's an aging 500MHz K6-III with 224MB of RAM, which is serviceable, but it's painful to program on using anything other than Vim. In fact, even Vim takes a while to start up on it. So, for my birthday last week, I ordered myself an upgrade - one of those new 64-bit Semprons with half a gig of RAM. Not the greatest development system on the face of the earth, but the motherboard has lots of expansion slots and I managed to get away with spending just $215 after shipping and a sound card (I bought a $15 card with a C-Media chipset, because I didn't want to fight with the integrated Realtek piece of crap).

So this will be the last post from the old Tallgeese. Later tonight, I'll finish putting the new system together and, hopefully, make my first post from the Tallgeese II (refer to the anime if you don't get the reference). The remaining old components will probably be put together with what I had left over from Sarah's old PC to make a test server, or possibly an MP3 jukebox. Or maybe both - I haven't decided yet.

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