So KDE 3.5 is pretty nice...

I upgraded to KDE 3.5 a couple of days after it came out. My reaction? A pleased yawn.

Let's face it: there's nothing terribly interesting about this release. For me, there's even less than there was in KDE 3.4. I see a few more icons, some better menu grouping, and the addition of a volume manager which doesn't do quite as much as I would have hoped. Of course, those aren't the only changes, but the major ones listed in the announcement don't effect me, as I don't browse with Konqueror, don't use Kopete or SuperKaramba, and don't care about the edutainment packages.

That said, this release is still worth the upgrade. For one, they finally seem to have fixed that annoying problem with desktop icons moving around between sessions. The volume manager is also nice, although I would have liked a little more granularity, e.g. the ability to set actions for particular volumes, not just MIME types. In other words, another incremental improvement:good, but not exciting.

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