At least Opera is working

At least one of my Dapper problems is fixed now. I got Opera 9.0 beta 2 installed last night.

It turns out the problem was with the dependencies in the Opera .deb package. Apparently, the Breezy Opera .deb lists xlibs as a dependency, but Dapper has changed naming conventions, so there no longer is a package named xlibs. The program still works perfectly if you force the installation, but then APT sees the package as "broken" and won't let you install anything else without removing it.

Well, there were two possibilities to fix this. The first was to make a dumby xlibs package to satisfy APT. However, I didn't know how to do that, so I took the brute-force approach: explode the package, remove the dependency, and rebuild it. It wasn't pretty, but it worked like a charm. I figure the next stable release will have a Dapper .deb, so I don't imagine I'll have to be repeating this latter.

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