I'm in Linux Format

Imagine my surprise. As per my usual Saturday routine, I dropped Sarah off at work, stopped in to Barnes & Noble, grabbed some magazines, and sat down in the café to have some breakfast. Little did I know, as I browsed a copy of Linux Format, that I'd actually find a column on myself.

Well, OK, it wasn't actually about me, but rather about my work. You see, the June 2006 issue of Linux Format included a column on LnBlog 0.6.4, my weblog system. It wasn't a feature article or anything, but it was on the first page of the "Hot Picks" section, which I thought was pretty cool.

This is kind of nice timing, since I've been trying to start building up a bit of a community around LnBlog. It started out as a personal learning project, but it's grown into a very capable blogging system. It's got the basics, like comments and trackbacks, multiple users and blogs, anti-spam plugins, and, in the newest release, blogging API support and optional rich-text editor plugins. It has a theme system and a plugin system with API documentation. In other words, all the technical makings for community development.

So, if you're a PHP programmer, a web designer, or just an average user looking for a blogging system for your web site, give LnBlog a look. It's light-weight, featureful, configurable, and has plenty to keep users and developers interested. I'll be making a few more posts about the technical aspects of LnBlog in the near future, so you'll get a more in-depth look later. If you're looking to get involved in an open-source project, please give it a look.

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