Fixing sites with Opera

Well, after a bit of experimenting, I implemented my first quick-and-dirty site-specific fix in Opera. It wasn't even that hard.

The motivation came when I received a site update e-mail from, which I apparently registered with at some point. I had completely forgotten about it. I reaquainted myslef with it and rediscovered the fairly decent selection of images they have.

The only problem was that their homepage layout was completely garbled in Opera. It consists of a bunch of div tags that divide the content area up into news entries. However, the divs end up being crushed down to almost nothing and the text spilling out and running together. It turns out the problem was a height: inherit line in the stylesheet for the class applied to those divs. I'm not sure what the purpose of that line was, but removing it fixed the problem.

Getting the site to render correctly for me turned out to be quite simple, once I figured out how to do it. I ended up simply downloading a copy of the (single) stylesheet for the page, removing the problem line, and setting it as "my style sheet" in the site preferences dialog. That allowed me to simply change the view mode from author mode to user mode and ta-da! The page now renders correctly.

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