It finally worked!

I upgraded to Kubuntu 6.10, Edgy Eft, this evening. I was shocked by the results - it worked flawlessly!

I started using Kubuntu with Hoary and this is literally the first time I've had an uneventful upgrade. Every other time something has gone wrong and left my system partially, if not totally, borked. But not this time. The upgrade instructions were simple and complete, unlike the upgrade to Breezy, and there was no massive breakage, unlike the upgrade to Dapper. Everything was nice and smooth.

The weird part is that I'm very ambivalent about my reaction to the smooth upgrade. Part of me wants to say, "Well done, Kubuntu team! Keep upthe good work!" However, another part of me wants to say, "It's about freaking time! Why did it take so long to get non-sucky upgrades?"

Apart from the nice upgrade, I have yet to see anything truly remarkable in the new version. Things look slightly nicer and now I have Digikam, which seems pretty nice. That's about it.

I have noticed one problem, though. Some of my hotkeys are no longer working. I had all my multimedia keys set up in KHotKeys, but two of them have stopped working. KDE and still recognize the keys, but pressing them doesn't run the desired command. I have other key combinations for the same commands, so it's not critical, but it is annoying, as those are the two I use most often (the keys for Konqueror and Konsole).

Plus I see that KMixer still can't mute my sound card, a CMI8738 chipset. I don't think it's ever worked on this system and I don't know why. I must admit I'm a little curious, but I almost never need mute and when I do I just hit the power button on my speakers, so it hasn't been worth the effort to figure it out.

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