One MPIO problem down

Tonight I finally sat down and fixed one of the problems with my MPIO software. This was just a small configuration issue and there are still lots of others, but it's better than nothing.

The problem was that, on Kubuntu 6.06, I could only connect to my MPIO FL100 as root. This never used to be a problem.

Turns out that the issue was with hotplug. In particular, it seems Ubuntu Dapper doesn't use hotplug anymore. Apparently everything is done with udev now, so the configuration files under /etc/hotplug/ are no longer used.

The solution? Convert the hotplug script and usermap to udev rules. You can grab the file here and drop it in /etc/udev/rules.d/ to make it work. I just used the libgphoto2 rules file as a template, assigning the MPIO devices to the plugdev group so that regular users can read and write to it.

Now I just have to figure out why I have to unplug the player before I can reconnect, hack the code to support my player's SD card slot, and write a better GUI. On the up side, it gives me a good excuse to brush up on my C and get into KDE programming in C++.

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