That was easy

The replacement for the laptop keyboard that was destroyed by the cat came in today. It's now installed and working perfectly.

As is often the case, my main problem was getting the damned case opened. I don't know why I always have trouble with that. On more than one occasion, I've spent significantly more time getting the case open than actually working inside it. The last time this happened was with a last-generation Gateway desktop at work. It had thumb screws and a semi-hidden button that you need to push to release the case latch. I spent 20 minutes figuring out how to open the case and less than 5 taking out the PCI card I needed.

Fortunately, a quick Google search yielded a link to the eletronic version of the service manual for my laptop. Once I had that, it was quite easy to find the instructions to get the keyboard out and install the new one. It certainly took a lot less time than sending the system to Dell would have.

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