SharpDevelop beats VS.NET

I tried something new at work today: SharpDevelop. I've been doing some more VB.NET work and, frankly, Visual Studio was starting to piss me off.

Part of the problem is probably that we're still in the stone age. We're using VS.NET 2002, which is two versions out of date. It's not really a bad IDE, but every time I use it it just feels really clunky. It just seems to get in my way as much as it helps.

I've only used it for a couple of hours so far, but SharpDevelop seems much nicer. The interface is cleaner and easier to manage. The editor is also nicer than VS.NET 2002's, with parenthesis matching, none of that crumby code reformatting, and that nifty automatic type addition shortcut.

And the best part? SharpDevelop is free, both as-in-beer and as-in-speech. It also allows me to develop for .NET 2.0 without having to waste time convincing my boss to buy VS.NET 2005 for whatever absurd amount of money it would cost. For the first time in a while, I'm a happy Windows developer. Yay!

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