New phones and fun

Wednesday was fun. First, it was Sarah's birthday. Second, and on a more technical note, it was time to renew my Verizon Wireless contract, which means new phones.

I went to pick up the new phones and sign the new contract right after work, while I was waiting for Sarah to get home. This time, instead of going to the actual Verizon store, I went to the local Wireless World on Market St., which is an authorized Verizon dealer. I found this to have a number of benefits;

  1. It's closer - Wireless World is across town, whereas the Verizon store is a 10 mile drive.
  2. The Wireless World wasn't too busy, whereas the Verizon store is always mobbed.
  3. Wireless World has a deal with my employer, so I got a 20% discount on accessories.
  4. The guy I worked with actually knew what he was doing, as opposed to the Verizon sales people who are usually clueless.

Suffice it to say that in the future, I'll be going to Wireless World for my Verizon dealings.

I had actually been hoping to renew my contract a little early, in order to avoid the inevitable Christmas shopping season rush at the Verizon store, but it turns out that wasn't allowed. It worked out quite well, though, because I ended up getting a better deal than I was planning to. Instead of the RAZR or SCH-a930 like I was planning on, I ended up getting a pair of LG VX8300s. It turns out that they had comparable features and verizon was doing a "buy one, get one free" deal on them. (Note: that was actually "free after rebate," but it's still a better deal.)

I didn't get to play with the new phones until later that night. After getting home, it was time to do some tiling in the kitchen. After that, it was back to Market St. for a lovely dinner with Sarah at the London Underground. A bit expensive, but very good.

When I got a chance to do a little research, I was peasantly surprised to find I got even more features than I bargained for. The main features I wanted were a (relatively) high-resolution digital camera, Bluetooth support, full-duplex speaker phone, and a microSD card slot. The VX8300 has all these. However, after a little research, I discovered that the VX8300 also has real MP3 support. It's not even hard to enable - it's an option in the service menu. Contrast this to the RAZR V3m, which requires using unsupported firmware.

of course, I won't really know how well it works until later this week, when my new data cable comes in. Then we'll see what this model can really do.

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