Firefox feeds fixed

I've discovered why Firefox hates me. Apparently it's not just me, but broken code in Firefox.

I found the solution in this Mozillazine thread. It contained no mention of the error I got in the console, or of external feed readers simply not launching, but the patch to FeedConverter.js did fix my problem.

All I had to do was change the indicated section of /usr/lib/firefox/components/FeedConverter.js, start Firefox, and add the strings browser.feeds.handlers.application.args and browser.feeds.handlers.application.uriPrefix in the about:config dialog.

So now external feed readers work. In fact, they work better than they're supposed to, because this patch adds support for setting arguments to the external command, so no wrapper script is required. For Akregator, I just set "--addfeed" as the browser.feeds.handlers.application.args and /usr/bin/akregator as the command. Bingo!

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