On DRM-free iTunes

It's finally happened: on Tuesday, Steve Jobs came out against DMR-infested music. He basically blames the need for DRM entirely on the music studios and says that Apple would whole-heartedly support the distribution of unencumbered MP3 files.

This is great news, if it's true. But as Jon Lech Johansen, a.k.a. "DVD Jon", points out in several interesting blog entries, Steve's reasoning sounds a little fishy. The Gizmodo people are also a bit skeptical about Steve's sincerity on this.

I suspect they're probably right. Steve may blame DRM entirely on the studios, but as Jon points out, Apple never gave a second thought to putting DRM restrictions on all tracks, whether the studio demanded it or not. Maybe it's just me, but that makes Steve's "man of the people" schtik a little harder to swallow.

I guess time will tell. Good ole' Steve wasn't much concerned about empowering his customers when it came to the iPhone. Maybe he's actually serious about it this time.

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