Time to try Mono

Good news: Mono now has a working Visual Basic compiler. Oddly enough, it and the runtime are actually both implemented in VB.

Well, I guess that's not so odd actually. It would be odd if it were VB6, but VB.NET is really the bastard child of VB6 and C#. And it takes after C# more than VB6, so it's actually a pretty capable language. In fact, after moving to .NET after years of VB6, I'd say that the resembalence to VB6 is mostly superficial. Not that this is a bad thing - it's just that the guys who advocated calling VB.NETVisual Fred had a good point.

In other good news, I understand that these days, Mono also has support for Windows.Forms and a decent subset of .NET 2.0 now. It's really coming along! I guess it's time to download MonoDevelop and give .NET under Linux a try.

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