New monitor

I got my new monitor today.
New HANNS-G 19-inch flatpanel
It's a 19-inch widescreen flatpanel. I ordered it from NewEgg for $170 plus free shipping.

The monitor this replaces is an old 14-inch CRT.
Old DigiView 15-inch CRT
And when I say "old" I mean it - I've been using this monitor for over ten years. I'd been hoping this would break down so I'd have an excuse to replace it, but it never did. I finally ended up overcoming my inherent cheapness and replacing it anyway.

The difference really is like night and day. I can actually sit back in my chair and still read the monitor now. I'm really liking the wide screen, too. I've only used it for a couple hours, I'd say this monitor is probably the best $170 I've spend on hardware.

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