Outlines in the GIMP

As you may have noticed, I've taken to posting screenshots a bit more. When doing this, I find it helpful to add highlighting to draw attention to the relevant elements. I usually like to do this by drawing circles around things.

Since I have a really hard time drawing circles with the mouse, I figured out how to do it with selections in the GIMP. I record it here as much for my own benefit as for others, because it seems like I have to rediscover this every time I try to do it.

First, use the selection tool to select the area you want to circle. Then, from the "Dialogs" menu, open the "Paths" dialog. Click the "Selection to path" button (the red dot with black lines above and below) to turn you selection into a path. Then click the "Stroke path" button just to the right of that. You can set the stoke thickness in this dialog and change the color by changing the color used by the pencil tool. Click the "Stroke" button and the outline of your selection will be turned into a line or the given thickness and color.

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