Opera features I never tried

Today I "discovered" a little feature in Opera that I didn't know about before. That was a nice feeling. It's always good to find something new in an application that you use every day. Even if you're not sure how useful it will be.

tab-menu.pngThis particular feature is an item in the context menu for web page tab: the "create linked" command. This has the interesting effect of creating a new tab that receives navigation for the selected tab. So if you click a link on the original tab, it will remain unchanged but the new "linked" tab will go to that location.

By itself, this doesn't seem particularly useful. However, when combined with Opera's MDI, you can do side-by-side navigation, which could be usefule for checking references or documentation. The "linked" status of the tab also survives detatching into a separate window, so you can use multiple windows rather than the MDI if you're so inclined. In fact, this is probably better, since the MDI just doesn't feel right since they switched to the visual "tab" appearance.

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