Things I don't care about

Following in the spirit of Mark Pilgrim's post from the other day, I thought I'd a short list of things I don't care about. I do this mostly because I'm tired and grumpy, and it's hard to come up with positive, insightful commentary when you're tired and grumpy.

1) Safari on Windows. Maybe it will be good for testing. But then again, I didn't care about Safari when it was Mac-only, and I see no reason to change my attitude now.
2) The iPhone. Yeah, it looks very cool and it's probably much easier to use than any other cell phone on the market, but you can buy an actual computer for less money.
3) Font rendering. Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwook both commented the "revelation" that Safari for Windows was using Apple's font rendering engine instead of the Windows one. I've heard many complaints about the font rendering on Linux too. Who cares? I never got the obsession some people have with how their fonts look. As long as I can read it without getting eye strain, I'm happy. Hell, half the time I can't even tell the difference between two similar fonts.
4) VB6 programmers. I came across this link from a couple of years ago lamenting that .NET was killing hobbyist programmers. It's an argument I've heard before: .NET is just too hard compared to VB6. Well too bad. Learn to freaking program. VB6 seemed good 10 years ago, but in retrospect, it was nothing but a recipe for hideously bad code and huge magenta buttons. Good ridance! And I was a VB6 programmer, so I'm allowed to say that.
5) Out-sourcing/off-shoring. I'm sick of hearing programmers wailing about their jobs being moved to India or China. You know what? If your job is really in danger from that, it probably sucked anyway. Upgrade your skillset and next time don't work as a code monkey.

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