Strigi: What the hell?!?

As I mentioned the other day, Kubuntu now ships with Strigi as the default desktop search engine. So, I decided to give it a try. I started the daemon a few days ago and left it to build an index.

My reaction, when I came back last nigh, was - and I quote - "What the %$@#?!?" (And yes, I actually said, "What the percent dollar at pound?!?")

You see, I had noticed that I now had only 500MB of free space left on my home partition. This was surprising because. I knew the partition was filling up, but I hadn't moved any substantial amounts of data around lately and I should have had at least 5GB left.

A quick du -sch `ls -A` revealed the culprit. My ~/.strigi directory had ballooned up to a whopping 7.5GB.

Let my repeat that. The Strigi index was up to 7.5 gigabytes. How? Why? What the hell was it doing? My beagle index was only about 950MB. Why the heck does Strigi need so much more space?

This will definitely merit a little research. I'm hoping this was some freak malfunction. But if not, then I guess I won't be using Strigi. I mean, 7.5 gigs? Come on!

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