MySQL comment weirdness

Here's one I discovered for the first time yesterday - MySQL doesn't actually use the ANSI SQL comment sequence. Who knew?

For those who are a little rusty on such things, ANSI SQL-92 specifies the comment character as a doule dash (--). Anything from a double dash to the end of a line is a comment.

Well, in MySQL, that doesn't actually work. You have to have a space (or control character) after the double dash for MySQL to treat is as a comment. This is good style anyway, but MySQL makes it a hard requirement. Apparently the reason for this is that it can cause conflicts with software that auto-generates really crappy queries.

Is it just me, or does that seem like a really gratuitous change? I mean, I can see their reasons - it would be nice if an auto-generated query like UPDATE account SET credit=credit--1 actually worked instead of reducing to a no-op. But, on the other hand, is it really a good idea to change the database server because some vendor is too lazy to make their query-generator produce the more correct and logically equivalent UPDATE account SET credit=credit+1 instead? I don't know. I'm sure they had their reasons, but it just feels like a half-baked hack to me.

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