A little Selenium and PHPUnit oddity

Here's a weird little "feature" I came across the other day. It seems that Selenium discriminates between spacing in source and rendered HTML. I suppose this shouldn't be that surprising, but I just hadn't thought to account for it.

Here's what happened: I was writing a Selenium test case using PHPUnit's Selenium extension and I kept getting a failure on a simple assertTextPresent() call. I checked the page manually, and the text was definitely there. I selected the text and right-clicked to try the assertion in Selenium IDE, and it worked there. Then I tried copying the expected string out of my PHP test case and checking that in the IDE, and that's where it failed.

The only difference: one extra space in the PHP string. The real kicker is that that space is present in the page source. But when I stopped to think about it, it make perfect sense. Selenium interacts with the page through the DOM, and multiple spaces get rendered as one in HTML. The source is irrelevant - it's the rendered code that counts. I'll have to remember that for next time.

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