Post-upgrade fixes

It's that time again - time to fix things after upgrading!

This time, I did something unusual for me - rather than copying my existing Ubuntu install over to the new drive, I just did a fresh install. This was partly because I'd been carrying around that same install for at least 3 years (probably more like 5) and partly because it was the 32-bit version, and I wanted to use the x86_64 version, what with the new CPU and all. Of course, I did copy across my home directory, so I'm probably going to see some config problems there, but that's just how these things go.

My first two problems were a little unexpected. The first was that the numeric keypad on my keyboard didn't work. I mean, it worked, in the sense that certain keys responded in approximately the desired way, but it didn't actually type any numbers. Fortunately, a little Googling turned up this post, which had a very quick fix - turn off the "mouse keys" in the keyboard config dialog. Not something I would have expected to be on by default.

The second problem took a few minutes for me to figure out, probably because it's still early. When I fired up Thunderbird and opened Lightning, none of my calendars were there. And I couldn't add them back - the dialog just didn't respond. The solution dawned on me when I tried to install the newer version of Lightning. The install bombed out, complaining that the package didn't support x86_64. Duh! I was still running the old x86 pre-upgrade Lightning binaries that were in my profile directory. Unfortunately, the main Lightning page didn't have any x64 binaries linked, so I had to go hunting. Turns out you can grab them from the contrib directory, so that was an easy fix too.

We'll see what else is broken over the next few days. Hopefully I won't hit too many more snags.

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