Setting up a remote Mercurial repository

Note: This post is mostly a note to myself. I don't do this often and I always forget a step when I need to do it again.

I have Mercurial set up on my hosting provider. I'm using hgweb.cgi and it works well enough. However, Mercurial does not seem to support pushing new repositories remotely when using this configuration. That is, you can't just run an hg push on the client or anything like that - you need to do some manual setup.

The steps to do this are as follows:

1) On the client, do you hg init to create a new repository.
2) Copy this directory to your server in the appropriate location.
3) On the server, edit your new_repo_dir/.hg/hgrc to something like this (if you have one that you copied form step 1, just nuke it):

allow_push = youruser
description = Some description
name = your_repo_dir

4) Add a line like this to your hgweb.config:
your_repo_dir = /path/to/repo/your_repo_dir

Assuming that the rest of the server is already set up, that should do it. I always keep forgetting one of the last two steps, for some reason (probably because I only do this once in a while).

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