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  1. Who did you pick for hosting please?

    Hi, could you please (pretty please) tell me who you chose for hosting?

    I had a great host for 12 years but after a couple months of weekly disasters it is time to move. Your site works perfectly in several locations worldwide that are especially important to my clients. Tried a whois on your domain but didn't get me anywhere. Pretty please could you tell me who you host with? Huge thanks

    (Sorry posted this on the article when you mentioned hosting but it was early 2013 so posting here too. Seemed inappropriate to post under your Grandmother's 100th!)

  2. Answered on the other post

    No need to double-post - I get e-mail notifications of all comments. Well, all comments that aren't automatically deleted as spam, anyway. I've answered your question on the other post:

  3. Reply

    The second paragraph in the article was exactly about me!
    I've been searching for a good self-hosted solution for a long time, however, it seems that there is no suitable solution for me at the moment, except for KeePass. We also use it within our company, but the most annoying thing in it is that it is more a single-user solution rather than a cooperative one.
    At this moment I've tried all the alternatives according to, but still no luck - the only appropriate is TeamPass, but it threw errors when saving a new password entry.
    Two days ago I also decided to try KeePass as a "self-hosted" manager using synchronization with a URL because... there is no other option :)

    Thanks for this article, I thought I was the only geek with such crazy needs :)

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