Happy birthday, Grandma

Today is a special day - it's my grandma's 100th birthday. My parternal grandmother, Althea Geer, was born a century ago today. I'm not much on the sappy personal posts, but I figured this deserved mention. Birthdays happen every year, but it's not often you get to celebrate a milestone like that in your family.

My grandmother visiting with her my son.

My grandmother still lives by herself in a tiny village in upstate New York, in the same house where she raised my father. She's lived there most of her life - I remember playing in the back yard as a child. We'll be going over there to visit her for an open-house celebration on Saturday. I'm sure we'll have a pretty good crowd coming through. And then on Sunday the plan is to have a family celebration at my parents house.

I'm hoping to get some nice pictures of the occasion. In particular, some of grandma with my son. He's her only great-grandchild and she adores him. Unfortunately, it's a pretty long trip, so she doesn't get to see him very often. So it'll be nice for him to be there for such a special occasion. Of course, he's still too young to remember it when he's grown up, but I hope to get some picture to commemorate the occasion.

So even though you're never going to see this entry (I don't think she's ever even used a computer), happy birthday, Grandma!

Edit: A correspondent from the Walton Reporter had a conversation with my grandmother for the occasion and wrote a very nice article about it.

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