Bitwise OR in Oracle

This is another one of those "for my own reference" posts, because I have virtually no experience with Oracle and I'll likely forget about this in a couple of months. 

Here's a handy link on creating a bitwise OR function in Oracle.  There's a built-in BITAND function that does a bitwise AND, but no corresponding OR.  Fortunately, it turns out that you can do an OR in terms of AND using the following:

function bitor(p_dec1 number, p_dec2 number) return number is
  return p_dec1-bitand(p_dec1,p_dec2)+p_dec2;

In my case, I actually just needed the formula, not the actual function, as it was for a one-off data migration query.  However, I did have an extra wrinkle in that I needed to do the bitwise OR on a CLOB column.  But that turned out to not be a big deal either, as simply running the column through the TO_NUMBER() function was all I needed.  So it actually worked out pretty well.

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