Fixing fonts in XUL apps

Today I finally got fed up enough to fix the problem with fonts in XUL apps on my work desktop.

The problem and its solution are described in this post.  Basically, in XUL-based apps like Firefox and Komodo, the text would randomly distort.  It would usually happen when scrolling through a page or something like that that causes window redraws.  If I scrolled some more, or selected some text, it would go away.  And it only seems to happen on this particular system - my laptop doesn't seem affected.

Well, turns out it's a common issue.  In my case, I was able to fix it by going into the "about:config" page and changing the gfx.direct2d.disabled setting to true and restarting the app.  Turns out that while this page is well-known in Firefox, it's also available in Komodo.  You just need use the "preview buffer in browser" tool from the toolbar.  Just choose to preview the item in a Komodo tab and then enter "about:config" as the URL.  That will take you to the exact same config page you see in Firefox.

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