Komodo fullscreen fix

Here's a a quick fix for a Komodo IDE bug that I reported a few weeks ago. 

I noticed a little while back that when you switch to full-screen mode in Komodo, the breadcrumb trail in the status bar disappears.  This seems like abug, as nothing else in the status bar goes away.  Why should the breadbrucms?

Anyway, a quick perusal of the komodo.css file and some tinkering using the Komodo Extension Developer add-on revealed an easy way to fix this.  All you need to do is create a new macro with the following text and set it to run on startup:

document.getElementById('breadcrumbBar').setAttribute('fullscreentoolbar', 'true');

That will add the appropriate attribute to the breadcrumb bar so that the CSS rule for "hide these when full-screen" won't catch it.  The breadcrumb bar is now visible in full-screen mode and seems to be fully functional.

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