Poster debugging

You know you've been working in software too long when you start finding bugs in the posters on your wall.

When I started my current job, this poster was hanging on the outside wall of my cubicle.
The Open Road: A History of Free Software
I'm not sure who originally put it there.  I never really paid much attention to it, but I'm a fan of free software, so I left it up.  And when we moved to our new building, I took it with me.  Only this time, I put it up right next to my desk.

While I was thinking about something the other day, I was staring blankly at this poster.  That's when I noticed the bug.  My eyes fell on the entry for 1977 and I said, "Wait a minute...."  For those who don't want to open up the full-size image, it says:

Bruce Perens writes the first draft of "The Open Source Definition" as "The Debian Free Software Guidelines." The subsequent OSD incorporates comments from Debian developers in a month-long e-mail conference, with Debian specific info removed.

Nice to know, but that definitely wasn't 1977.  According to Wikipedia, it was more like 1997.  Of course, that poster is ten years old and I doubt anyone cares anymore.  I just found it funny that I happened to notice that.  Apparently even printing bugs are shallow with enough eyes.

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