Using PuTTY inside ConEmu

This is yet another one of those "post this so I can refer back to it later" things.  So if you're not a Windows user, or if you don't use ConEmu, then I suggest you go get a cup of coffee or something.

So for a while now I've been using ConEmu as my Windows console app.  It supports multiple tabs, transparency (ooooh), customizable hotkeys, customizable sessions, Far manager integration and a whole bunch of other nifty stuff.  

A couple of months ago, I saw that it was possible to embed PuTTY, the popular Windows-based SSH client, directly in a ConEmu tab.  So I tried it out and found it to be pretty slick.  The only down side was some key binding weirdness.

First, there's the general putty issue that if you accidentally press ctrl+S - you know, the key combination that means "save" in just about every editor in existence - it effectively locks the terminal and it's not obvious how to get control back.  The second issue is that, when you embed an application like PuTTY in ConEmu, it steals most of your keyboard input, so the standard key bindings for switching between window tabs don't work.

Luckily, these problems are easily fixed.  The fixes are just hard to remember, which is why I'm writing it down.  For the ctrl+S iissue, you can just hit ctrl+Q to turn input back on.  For the tab-switching issue, you can use the global key bindings for ConEmu - namely Win+Q, Win+Shift+Q, and Win+<Number> to switch consoles, as well as Win+Z to toggle focus between ConEmu and PuTTY.


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