Making Windows Git Do SSH

Another quick note to my future self: setting up Git under Windows to use SSH key authentication is pretty easy...once you know what to do.

At work, we have some Composer and Bower packages that we fetch from our internal GitHub Enterprise server.  And, of course, all the source lines in the composer.json and bower.json files use SSH references.  I just use HTTP for my code checkouts, so I finally had to figure out how to make Git for Windows authenticate with my SSH key.

Turns out it's pretty easy.  I have a key pair I created with PuTTYgen.  All I had to do was export my private key to OpenSSH format and copy that file to C:\Users\<my_username>\.ssh\id_rsa.  Git picks it up with no further configuration.  Then I just added my key to GitHub and I was good to go.

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