Electronic voting

This XKCD comic pretty much sums up my reaction every time someone mentions electronic voting.  I usually explain it with an analogy involving Scotch tape and bubble gum, but same idea.

As a side-note, there's an interesting response to this here.  The criticism, essentially, is that the comic is comparing apples to oranges.  For aircraft and elevators we're mostly concerned about accidental failures, whereas for voting machines the issue is protecting against intentional attacks.  So planes and elevators are only considered "safe" because we're not counting "being blown up" as a valid scenario that they need to defend against.

That's a fair criticism, but that's not really the point. When I hear regular, non-techie people talking about "computerize voting", they're not interested in the electronic replacements for old mechanical voting machines.  They're interested in voting online, like you'd vote in poll on Facebook.  That's a very different problem than securing a computerized voting machine, and much harder to solve.

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