WiFi doesn't work, but only in one place

So here's a random Windows 10 issue: I can't connect to WiFi.  But only one particular WiFi access point.  And I have no idea why.

On Saturday mornings, I take my son to a social skills class.  He's too young to drop off and leave (and I don't really have anything nearby that I want to go to), so I sit in their lounge area and do stuff on my laptop - code, blog, whatever.  Well, this fall they moved to a new building, which is really nice.  But that means that they changed their network and now my laptop refuses to connect to the WiFi.

This is fairly infuriating, because it's not even remotely apparent what the problem is.  My phone can connect to the WiFi with no problem at all - it's just my laptop.  Windows doesn't give me any error message or information beyond "could not connect," so I really have nothing to go on in terms of looking for a solution.  I've never has problems connecting this laptop to any other WiFi access point, and I don't think anything has changed with it recently. 

The problem doesn't seem to be an adapter issue, because I tried plugging a USB WiFi adapter into the laptop and that experienced the same problem trying to connect.  So the problem seems to be with Windows.  I suppose I could confirm that by booting into some flavor of Linux from a USB drive, but that seems like more work than it's worth. 

Searching the web, I found are a number of potential solutions, but so far none of them have made any difference.  Most of them involve either "reinstall the drive/network/whatever and hope," which I don't really want to do because of the risk of breaking all networking (and because "reinstall and pray" is a terrible strategy), or changing adapter settings.  There were also some suggestions to change settings on the WiFi router, but since I don't control the AP in this case, that doesn't help me.

So at this point, I'm pretty much stuck.  My best work-around is to just tether my laptop to my phone, which works, but isn't great because the cellular reception inside the building is kinda iffy.  I'd kinda like to fix the problem, but as I said, I really don't have much information to work with, I have limited time (less than an hour once a week), and I don't really want to be doing major updates on my laptop out someplace where I don't even have a secondary system with good internet access.  So I guess I just have to live with it.

The most frustrating thing about this is that, in the six years that I've owned this laptop, this is the first real Windows problem I've encountered.  I've been running Window 8 or Windows 10 that entire time and, while I've heard plenty of complaints and horror stories about Windows, I never experienced any significant problems.  This is the first issue I've encountered that actually bothers me, and I'm at a loss as for what to do about it.

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