Good headphones are good

I've had a lot of headphones over the years, but until recently I never really had any good ones.  You know, headphones that cost more than $30.  But now I do, and I have to say it really makes a difference.

It started with Christmas.  Every year my company gives out a cool company Christmas present, customized with the company logo.  Well, this year the gift was a pair of Beats Studio3 wireless headphones.  These are really nice headphones.  I never would have spent that kind of money on headphones for myself, but they might actually be worth it.  They're quite comfortable, have a cord and Bluetooth, have good battery life, charge quicky, and have noise-cancelling.

The only problem with the Beats is that they're not super portable.  I mean, they're fine, but they're full-sized headphones and they block a lot of background noise even with the noise-cancelling turned off.  They're not optimal for things like jogging, or those times when I'm doing chores around the house and want to listen to  a podcast in one ear while I keep the other one free to listen for my kid.

So to that end, I bought a set of Raycon E25 wireless earbuds.  They're not Beats, but they're actually quite nice.  They're comfortable (as earbuds go), sound great, and come with a highly portable case with a built-in battery.  They're perfect for ad hoc listening, such as when washing dishes, or when exercising.  And while Bluetooth can be a pain in the neck at times, I have to say that wireless earbuds and headphones are much more convenient.  You don't realize what a pain it is to always be catching wires on things until there are no wires to catch.

So if you don't have a good set of headphones, and you have the money, I recommend you get one.  It's one of those little things that really does make a much bigger difference than you'd think.

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